About Us

Where did the idea come from?

Rolasolar is an Australian operated and owned business in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The idea for the first roll out solar panel kit came about when in 2010 Dave G (Owner) was renovating a caravan (with his sidekick son - Alec) and purchased two 72 Watt Uni-solar stick on solar laminates to fit to he pop top roof of the caravan. Dave's thoughts of wanting to camp in the shade but have the solar panels in full sun led him to think it wasn't the best option to fit the solar panels to the roof of the caravan. This led to a trip to the local canvas fabricator (Ross at Polaris Innovations) for a discussion on making these flexible Uni-solar panels into a portable solar charge kit. The problem was the these Uni-solar solar panels came with a full adhesive backing which needed to be covered up to make them useful in a portable kit. Dave worked out that it was best to stick the solar panels to canvas, add 'D' ring and sewing the edges of the canvas. Using good quality 4mm2 solar cable, a quality MPPT solar charge controller and some Anderson plugs the first roll out flexible solar panel kit was built.

How did we get started?

Once the caravan was complete, Dave and Rebecca gathered up the four kids for a touring trip across Australia. On this trip the solar panel kit was setup to keep the batteries charged, this drew lots of attention from fellow camper and they asked where the roll out solar panel kit was bought. Dave had to explain the kit was made portable from his own idea and its the only one built at this time. As the caravan was used for many camping trips over the next year, more and more comments were passed onto Dave on how the roll up solar panel kit was a great idea.

In 2011 Dave and Rebecca started a small business called Rolasolar to manufacture the best performance and quality portable solar panel kit on the market. As the product evolved, the solar panels were custom manufactured to a shorter 52 watt flexible solar panels which were zipped together to form the Rolasolar awning. These solar panel charge kits are now available as single roll out solar panels or as the solar awning, power options are from 50 to 200 watts but we also manufacture 400 watt solar panel awning for custom projects.

What do we do?

Today Rolasolar are the leading provider of quality flexible solar and truly portable energy storage solutions. Our unique Australian designed and Manufactured portable roll-out solar panel charge kits are portable, flexible and durable. We are the sole Australian importer of Solarpod range of solar generators. The Solarpod stores power from the sun using advanced lithium (LiFePo4) battery technology to provide all your power needs without the cost of fuel, noise or exhaust smell. Rolasolar provides all your portable power and solar battery charging needs for camping, boating and outdoors activities, offgrid portable power, market stalls, construction and trade, emergency services or wherever you need power on the go. We also stock semi-flexible and flexible stick-on solar panels, solar regulators, battery monitors and other solar products for your portable and free camping energy needs.

Power your world off the grid for work or play with Rolasolar.